I use my Apollo.io account to save contact based on the filter of your choice, then export all the saved contact as CSV to you.

Why use my export service instead of subscribing to Apollo.io yourself?

  • Save cost: Apollo professional plan is $99/month, and it let you save only 10k contact per month, meaning you pay $99 per 10k leads(Forget about where it says unlimited, it’s a marketing trick, you’ll only get 10k contact, and it’s even written on their policy page.)

  • Save time: Apollo has this annoying limit where you can only save 25 contacts on each page, meaning it’d take you at least a couple of annoying hours to click through 400 pages to save your contact.

How to order?

I only need the URL of your filtered results to start saving contacts, you can do that by signing up for any free or trial account, doesn’t matter. If you don’t want to, you can also just give me the filter criteria.

1. Register or login your free / trial / whatever Apollo account and go to the leads database tab.

2. Set the email filter to verified on the left-hand side filter options.

3. Use any filter you like to narrow down the leads you want, but make sure there’s at least 10k.

4. Copy the URL for me, the URL contained all the filters you use, so I can get started quickly.

Sample of Exported Data

Frequently Asked Questions:

The minimum order is 10k, and for one URL, I don’t accept splitting in multiple URLs, so you can either just pay for 10k, or widen your filter to get at least 10k.

You can choose to pay for all the leads, or I will just export the first 10k out of it if you only want to buy the absolute minimum amount which is 10k

Depending on the size of your order, typically it will only take a few hours for small orders.

  • Wise
  • Crypto
  • Payoneer
  • Upwork Direct Contracts

No, I only export the data as-is from Apollo.io, I have additional service for email verification emailclearout.com


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